Signed, sealed, delivered

Learn how to track your ballot online.
Signed, sealed, delivered

Voting by mail (also called absentee voting in some states) is uncharted territory for most Americans.

But with a global pandemic as our current backdrop, it’s a relief that voters in most states have the option to fill out their General Election ballot from the comfort and safety of their homes.

Voting by mail has had growing pains. Mail delays, 404 errors, contractor issues, and disinformation have all contributed to mounting anxiety about the vote-by-mail process.

We feel that anxiety. The stakes of this election are that high.

Here’s what we can assure you, however:

  1. You can request a ballot without an excuse (in most states).
  2. You can ensure that your ballot was received and counted.
  3. You can still vote in person on November 3rd if worse comes to worse.

One more thing – you can text us at any time with questions you have: 833-744-0667

How to Track Your Ballot After Request One

In order to request a mail-in ballot, you first need to be registered to vote.

Most states and counties require you to submit a request to vote by mail (it typically won’t come automatically).

After you’ve submitted your request, you can monitor your ballot’s status by checking your state government website. You will be able to easily confirm that your vote by mail request was received and check when your ballot was mailed to you. Here are 10 such examples that you should bookmark:

Find your state's ballot tracking page here.

Ready to request your mail-in ballot?

Check Those Same Links After Returning Your Ballot

Once you’ve received your ballot and carefully filled it out, you'll have three options with what you can do with it.

  1. Drop it off in an official ballot dropbox (or take it directly to your County Clerk or Elections Supervisor).
  2. Return it in the mail.
  3. Hang onto it and take it to your polling place on Election Day or during early voting (in specific states only).

In any of these cases – and no matter how many times you’ve voted before – you should check to confirm that your vote counted!

There are a number of reasons why your ballot could be invalidated. Tens of thousands of ballots in 2016 and 2018 were rejected due to sloppy signatures, for example.

Although your County is supposed to reach out to you if your ballot is rejected for any reason, this doesn’t always happen.

Worst Case Scenario

Don’t panic if your ballot is rejected. But do plan.

Depending on how much time you have before November 3rd, your best bet may be to pick up a new ballot at your County Clerk’s office. You can then fill out your ballot in your car and leave it in the dropbox outside the same office.

If worse comes to worse, you can still vote in person on November 3rd.

If you need help locating your County Clerk’s office or your polling place, text us: 833-744-0667

This WILL get easier. But for now – know that you CAN keep an eye on your ballot, and that we can help if you encounter any headaches.

Here’s the number again: 833-744-0667

Ready to request your mail-in ballot? Takes less than 2 minutes!

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